Best Wishes


June 2

I wish,to open my business next year.
- by Ruby

May 25

I wish to take my family on vacation.
- by nilsa

May 24

I wish I will be in the advanced math class in seventh grade and I will have great success and be very happy.
- by Niki

May 21

I wish to be employed. Pretty please grant my wish of employment soon so that I will not be a burden to my mom. Thank you :)
- by Lisa

May 20

I wish to meet the right guy that all the good qualities that I want in a guy.
- by anonymous

May 17

I wish that I can pick out my own dog at 1:30 today.
- by Kiana

May 15

I wish to become straight A and B student.
- by Sidney

March 13

I wish my neighbors would close their blinds at night.
- by pills

February 26

I wish that my mom stop picking my clothes.
- by Abira

February 26

I wish my husband throat infection should be relieved quickly tonight itself
- by anki

February 19

I wish that the Internet Connection on my Laptop and all other Computers in my house would act right and stay acting right.
- by Tyrone G.

February 18

I wish that my cold symptoms will go away by tomorrow morning.Please make this wish come true!!! I hate being sick.
- by Daisy Aquino

February 17

I wish that my dog would be cured of her burn from being poured with boiling water I am very sorry for what I did please heal her that is my wish.
- by Blaze

January 24

I wish that the success that I have been working so hard for would finally come to me. I wish for the life that I have always dreamed of. I'm tired of hard work leading to disappointment. I want to be happy, for the first time.
- by Charlotte

January 9

I wish for true love.
- by anonymous

January 1

I wish i get a permanent job at the company where i am actually employed as temporary trainee and that my boss is determined to keep me as i always do my job very well
- by anonymous


December 27

I wish my mother not to be ill anymore.
- by majid

I wish the dance me and my niece would be doing on the 31st of December goes on very well and that we gets many compliments about it.
- by anonymous

December 8

I wish live in an unlimited universe where all is safe and fun.
- by J. A. G. M. aka Georgy

November 28

I wish my brother completely recover and heal and can come back home tomorrow morning.
- by manisha21

November 25

I wish to be a computer engineering with extc skills.I have made a wrong decision in choosing my career. I hope I can change it.but there is chance.I might waste my one year.I hope it will worth it.I hope it will work the way I want.I also want new but good friends.I have no friends.I like a guy from my current college.I wish to meet him in late 20's.I want strength to be skinny,beautiful Atleast good looking and I wish to have good skin,soft hair.I wish to have good communication skill.I hope it will work out well...bless this site
- by anonymous

November 12

I wish i had money to buy the diner on route 56 and money to fix it up to run a successful fun happy dining place.
- by Mom and Pop

November 10

I wish i am able to revise well and to complete successfully my tomorow whole examination paper.
- by manisha

November 4

I wish puneet srivastava got a nice paying job before 10 november 2013 and he is very happy with his job.
- by Ashima

October 26

I wish to be happy again.
- by anonymous

October 18

I wish that my mum will be able to come and watch me perform at my nearest coir performence.
- by anonymous

October 17

I wish i would be healthy again, build a beautiful family and take good care of people around me.
- by milady

I wish to get funding of my charity.
- by Ajudo